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Wow okay, this blank page is really intimidating. Luckily nobody is looking at this.. probably..

So I wanted to start a log of manga I like to read, because I found it’s something I always come back to. But also to record stuff for myself. Hopefully I can look back at this and see how my tastes have changed.

I honestly haven’t read much in the last two months since I got laid off, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Some manga I’ve tried though:
  • Mashle: Magic and Muscles: I can’t believe this manga is allowed to exist. It’s literally just Harry Potter characters and setting, but if Harry didn’t have any magic powers. He’s just insanely jacked.
  • VAMPEERZ: Okay ngl I was seduced by the cover, and I also love the author’s previous work. They wrote a short manga called Stretch about two women who live together.. and they were roommates. Each chapter has some examples of stretching exercises that you can follow along to, or just sit on your butt like me and screenshot it for later, and never look at it again. Vampeerz itself was the same kind of slow burn vibe, but more obviously yuri. It was weird though because the main girl is very young (middle school??) and the tone was pretty sexual, so I dropped it. Rest in pieces.
  • Guardians of the Lamb: Korean webtoon about a girl with memory loss who slowly finds out she was a part of a cult, and of course her two classic love interests, a blond hair good(tm) boy and a dark haired bad boy. The writing itself is pretty trashy and and follows all the twists and cliffhangers that you would expect from a webtoon like this, but I couldn’t stop reading because of the art: (example)
  • I’m in love with how the author simplifies the forms. I can’t describe it but it’s just so satisfying, looking at it just makes me want to draw.