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Series 2


Art created for an upcoming animation series at Holler Studios. Due to the fast-paced, remote startup environment, I wore many hats.

Within the studio of 19, I had the most experience in color design, background paint, and storyboards. As a result, I took the lead on production in our dedicated team of 4, and guided two juniors with feedback and revisions.

Co-Directors: Michelle Porucznik, Lillian Xie
Senior Animator: Ale Cruz
Animator: Jayme Brodie

Hero Shot

BG Layout & Paint: Lillian Xie

Cafe Prop: Amy Jeong
Willow Tree Design: Jayme Brodie, Michelle Porucznik

Neighborhood Pan (WIP)

BG Layout & Paint: Lillian Xie

Black/White Layout Sketch: Michelle Porucznik, Ale Cruz
Tree designs: Jayme Brodie

Mom's Cafe

Final Layout & Paint: Lillian Xie
Color Sketch: Lillian Xie

Layout Sketch: Michelle Porucznik

Dad’s Garage

Color Sketch: Lillian Xie

Garage Concept Art: Chel Garvey
Garage Layout Sketch: Jayme Brodie

Color Studies

My initial color studies for the cafe, garage, and general neighborhood.

Neighborhood Car

Prop Design & Paint: Lillian Xie