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Teepublic Shop

Lots of silly merch. If you decide to buy something, tag me or send me pics! I'd love to see them. ᕕʕ  · ᴥ ·ʔᕗ

Art Prints

Get high-quality prints, wow!  ✨ʕ· ᴥ · ʔ

Mid-Autumn Festival 


中秋快乐! These designs were part of my collaboration with Print Social, for their 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival campaign.
100% of my profit and 5% of Print Social's production costs was donated to besea.n, a UK organization working to empower, educate and embrace East and South East Asian (ESEA) communities.

Screenprinted Apparel


Hand-printed shirts, sweaters, hoodies and totes for the Two Legged Print show in January 2018.

Modeled by the talented and handsome Jie En, Vincent, and Linda. Photographed and edited by Joy Liu.