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Lillian is a multi-disciplinary designer and feral bear from the woods of Ann Arbor, practicing in NYC.

Open to fulltime opportunities, freelance, and other inquiries. Resumé available on request.

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🎬  Currently watching: Trigun Stampede︎︎︎
📖  Recently read: Run Studio Run, Eli Altman
🎧  Probably listening to: Lofi Beats︎︎︎


Los Angeles Times Food, The Atlantic Vantage Point, Shortbox Comics, Future Perfect Project, Confederation Centre of the Arts, Chew Bear, Father/Daughter Records, Oloboutique


Director of Creative, Holler
June 2018 – Oct 2022
💼  Worked with clients big and small: Venmo, Intuit, LinkedIn, McDonald's, Oreo, Snickers, Honda, Starbucks, Orbit Gum, Tinder, Cliff, Keurig, Chipotle, Molson Coors, Blue Moon, 1-800 Flowers, STX Ugly Dolls, and more!


Rhode Island School of Design, Illustration BFA


Graphic Design USA︎︎︎

Photo Credit: Joy Liu