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How to Design Stickers


Design Tips & Tricks

1. The sticker should be easy to use in daily conversation. Try to stick to a specific emotion or idea - simple is usually better. ( List of popular expressions︎︎︎ )

︎ Too much backstory, who will use this?

︎ “Good night” sticker that anyone can use

2. Use minimal colors and no gradients if possible. This keeps the file size small, which is especially important when uploading to picky platforms like LINE.

︎ Gradients = too many colors

︎ Only 11 colors

3. The sticker should be easily understandable as a still image. Many platforms like LINE only have a still image preview, instead of an animated one.

︎ Can’t tell what’s happening without the animation

︎ Getting slapped

4. Avoid intricate details and tiny text. It won’t be noticeable at the smaller sticker size.

︎ Can’t read the text

︎ Yay
︎ Contrast is strong enough to read when the sticker is smaller

5. Use as much of the canvas as you can.

︎ Not using all the real estate

︎ Yay

6. Try to avoid using the canvas border for cropping. It looks nicer as a sticker when you incorporate cropping into the design.

︎ Doesn’t look like a sticker

︎ Yay

Additional Resources

︎ Last updated June 2024.